Calligraphy 101: Choosing Your Supplies

Happy Monday, friends! I'm excited to do a little mini blog series this January on calligraphy for beginners. Each Monday in the month of January, return back to the blog for a new post! If learning calligraphy is one of your resolves for 2016, I hope this will help give you a launching off point to delve into one of my favorite things!

And now, real talk. You've spent hours browsing Pinterest, you're obsessed with beautiful images of calligraphy and eager to learn, but you have no idea where to begin. Don't worry, I've been there too! When I first ventured into the calligraphy world, I walked the calligraphy aisle at Michael's several times. I was actually too overwhelmed to buy anything (true story). Then I discovered Lindsey over at The Postman's Knock and she rocked my world.

This is a wedding place card that I recently created for a styled shoot using a straight holder, the blue pumpkin nib and  Winsor & Newton gold calligraphy ink .

This is a wedding place card that I recently created for a styled shoot using a straight holder, the blue pumpkin nib and Winsor & Newton gold calligraphy ink.

Calligraphy, like any other skill, takes time and dedication to develop and strengthen. I hate the notion that practice makes perfect. Nothing is ever truly perfect. Practice, does however, make things better and being better opens doors and possibilities. If you can pick up a pen and you have an interest in calligraphy, it's worth giving it a try! Lucky for us, calligraphy is a relatively inexpensive hobby to test the waters in and I think you'll be surprised at how quickly you can pick it up! So to help you get started, I'm here to share a few of my favorite supplies for beginners.

Calligraphy Checklist for Beginners:

  • Speedball Pen Holder - $4.73
  • Brause Steno Nib (often called the Blue Pumpkin) - $1.56
  • Cardstock (I would recommend at least 65lb cardstock. Michael's has a great selection and some heavier weight cardstock too if you like a heftier feel to your paper.) - $4.99
  • Speedball India Ink - $7.99

Note: You'll also need a cup for water (I use a wide mouthed mason jar for this) and something to put your ink in. My go to is an old shot glass. If you want to get real fancy, find a wide mouthed container with a lid for storage. I also recommend having an old towel handy in case of any ink spillage. If you're clumsy like me, it happens more than you'd like to admit.

My three favorite places to get calligraphy supplies are Michaels, Paper and Ink Arts, and Amazon (not always in that order!). Not all calligraphy supplies are created equal and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. If you don't already have supplies in hand, go ahead and pick these up. There are also several calligraphy starter kits that you can purchase if you want to get your things all from one place, but if you're on a budget like I was, this is a great starting point. In a future Calligraphy 101 post, we'll chat about how to put these supplies to use. Next week's post will be all about a hidden gem of the calligraphy world! I'm so excited to share one of my favorite passions with you all!