Happy 1st Day of January!!

Wow, I seriously can't believe we're officially into 2017.  As I reflect upon 2016, the year was filled with wonderful  moments. Some highlights include:

  • Ory surprising me with a visit from my family and some of my favorite friends for my 30th birthday.
  • Going to Chicago to visit my siblings only two weeks later!
  • Getting a promotion at work and hiring two new wonderful people onto our staff to finally have a FULL team - y'all this was seriously a big deal.
  • Committing to my health and fitness and then getting to help others do the same - I've now officially been working out for 6 straight months! Say what!? I haven't done that since high school...
  • Dancing the night away with  my favorite partner in crime at several of our good friends and families weddings. Looking forward to several more in 2017!
dancing at a friend's wedding
  • Getting to connect with so many wonderful creatives both in person and through social media. This year I truly learned that you can make friends online and I'm so excited to continue to see those friendships blossom and get to work with some of these amazing and talented people!!
  • Officially making it through the SECOND year of medical school! Ok, so I know that I'm not actually the one in school, but sometimes it feels like we're both in this together and I'm so excited for my husband to be done with the book portion and onto studying for Step 1. Wish him luck!! February 2nd is going to be a big day!

Things I'm looking forward to for 2017:

  • Growing my calligraphy business - I'm so excited to get to continue to work with brides on their wedding envelopes, escort cards and place cards. Getting a wedding invitation in the mail is such an exciting moment, but it's made that much more special when your name is prettily hand lettered on the front  don't you think!? #happymail
Photography by  Emily Katharine Photo

Photography by Emily Katharine Photo

  • Becoming more consistent with my meal planning and prep each week. I know what I have to do in this category, now I just need to do it!
  • Seeing what the future has in store. Yes, I know this one is vague, but I'm one of those people who likes to know how it ends. I love the journey, but when it's something I'm really looking forward to or excited about, my impatience definitely kicks in. So this friends is where my word for 2017 comes from...

For those of you that are unfamiliar, the one word challenge is a different way of doing resolutions. Sure, I have a few areas that I want to focus on, but the one word challenge encourages you to select a word that will be your lens for taking on the ups and downs of the new year. And this year my word is TRUST. I am going  to trust the process and  trust that everything will fall into place. I am first believer that things happen for a reason, but sometimes when you're in the middle of the journey, it's hard to have that perspective.

2017 word trust

Are you participating in the one word challenge this year? If so, share your word in the comments and why you chose it!

I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!