Stories Behind the Script: Yeleny's Story

Honestly, one of my favorite things about what I do is getting to play a small part in a couple's story - whether it's through lettering the envelopes for the wedding at the beginning of a marriage or helping a couple celebrate a milestone in their lives together. It's truly such a special gift!

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On occasion when I'm working with a client, I just know there's a story waiting to be told so when Yeleny told me that the prints I had lettered for her corresponded to songs from their wedding, I just had to learn more!

Enjoy this sneak peak into Yeleny and Chad's love story - a classic ode to the best friend turned life partner :)

What's your love story?
Chad and I first met in high school and became best friends, as he fell in love with me I fell in love with some one else. We remained friends after high school and while the other guy and I were in a questionable relationship, Chad became my knight in shining armor and rescued me from the bad relationship. We began dating in 2005, got engaged in 2009, and got married in 2010. 

What is the significance of the songs you chose to have lettered?
Chad won me over by serenading me with Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban in his truck one night on one of our first dates. The lyrics made me fall in love with him so hard because I knew how much he loved me already. He's continued to show me that love just like the very first date, so that song became "our" song. The second song Only You Can Love Me This Way was used as our processional song with a lot of meaning for both of us since it made us remember the period of being in a long distance relationship and other moments where we were happy to have each other. 

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What advice would you give to engaged couples when deciding on which songs to use as part of their wedding day?
Choosing songs for the big day is difficult, but what I focused on was choosing songs that had a special meaning throughout our relationship and would allow us to relive special moments all over again. You want songs that no matter where you are during the big day you will look at each other and smile and be in total bliss that you have are now husband and wife. 

How cute is the gallery wall Yeleny created to display pictures from their engagement, wedding and 5 year anniversary!?

How cute is the gallery wall Yeleny created to display pictures from their engagement, wedding and 5 year anniversary!?

So I don't know about y'all but this totally just took me through a trip down memory lane. When we got married my husband and I danced to L.O.V.E. by Michael Bublé. The song itself didn't hold any special significance for us a couple, but it just felt right and what made it even more special is that my siblings had gifted us some dance lessons to choreograph a little something alongside the song to make our day even more memorable and to give us reasons to have regular date nights leading up to it! If you're looking for a cute and thoughtful gift, dance lessons are amazing!

So tell me, if you've gotten married, which songs did you choose to dance to or walk down the aisle and why?