Stories Behind the Script: Patrick's Story

Just recently, I got to see my sweet friend Danielle and it made me realize that I never got to share her little's story! A few months back we had the pleasure of celebrating little Patrick's Baptism with him and let me tell you, this kid is just the cutest (still is and growing every day!)! He was straight chilling throughout the ceremony and did not seem bothered by being fully dunked in the pool of water - always a good thing when it comes to baptisms, right?

I'm not a fan of things just for things sake, so I decided to letter this sweet baptism prayer for Patrick as a reminder of this special day in his life. I'm only a little obsessed with how it turned out and his parents were equally thrilled.

baptism prayer

Congratulations Patrick and the Hayes family! We were so grateful to be part of this joyous moment in your family's life!