My Story Behind the Script: My Origin Story

Don’t worry. This post is not about my birth story or even about how I got my super hero powers. Although I’m still holding out for that letter from Hogwarts…

But rather, this is the story of where my calligraphy journey began.


One of the questions I get asked most frequently is “How did you get into calligraphy?” And the simple answer is, “I kind of always was.”

Seriously though. From a young age, I remember sitting in school with my notebook eyeing everyone else’s handwriting and spending hours perfecting my own. And it was comforting.

Fast forward a lot of years as I was planning our wedding and I KNEW in my heart of hearts that I wanted the prettiest calligraphy on our invitations. Not something super formal, but something that would set the tone for our fun, we love you, kind of wedding. From the moment people got the save the dates, we wanted them to feel loved and to know that if they came to celebrate our marriage with us, that they would be in for a real treat.

And so I found the perfect calligrapher! That’s right. It wasn’t me, ha.


But, you know, sometimes life had other plans. My dream calligrapher wasn’t available. And you know, I probably could have gone and found myself another person to do the lettering for me, but something just lit a fire under me and I thought, “Wait, I bet you I can do this!” so I then spent hours on the internet googling what supplies I would need and trying to figure out how the heck to do this thing.

And after hours of research, I picked up my very first nib and went to town. Now my lettering then looked nothing like it does today. So if you’re on a quest to learn, have no fear, there is still hope for you yet!

But more importantly, if you have a thing in your life that you can’t get off your heart or if a fire lights under you, just start before you convince yourself otherwise. Because let me tell you, had I thought too long and hard about it. Had I started to worry about what people would think. Had I second guessed my ability to enter a sea of other calligraphers amongst an already saturated Etsy market, I would have been denying myself so many amazing opportunities and connections to people that this little business has brought me.


As I started lettering prints and stationery and envelopes, I quickly realized the wealth of stories that lay behind these otherwise simple seeming words. And that my friends is when I fell in love with calligraphy and why my Stories Behind the Script series began.

And while there are so many stories I could start to tell you, the most important thing I actually want to leave you with is this. Give yourself the space to write your own story. To change. To evolve. To let life pull you where it will. Because seriously, you never know what goodness may be waiting for you on the other side.