Stories Behind the Script: Scott & Jennifer's Story

Jenny and I met in college during a chemistry class. She was actually my TA and we bonded over (wait for it…) subscribing to Cosmopolitan. Oh what a special time to be alive :)

And what started as a very special love of getting happy mail, turned into a friendship that has now spanned over a decade.

Since those college days, we’ve both gone on to get graduate degrees, stood by each other on our wedding days, and welcome some kiddos into the mix!

I was beyond thrilled when her husband, Scott, reached out about lettering their vows for them.

wedding calligraphy vows

Jenny and Scott met through a mutual friend while Jenny was at medical school and despite having very little free time, Jenny and Scott would frequently make the 1 hour plus trek back and forth between Richmond and Charlottesville to hang out. It was one of those things where when you saw them together, you just knew this was headed for a forever kind of love.

And sure enough years later they’re married with two kids! Jenny has finally finished her training as a maternal fetal medicine doctor and Scott is pursuing a career in commercial real estate.

And selfishly, I still have them within a day’s drive (which is obviously the thing that’s most important right?)

So so grateful to have friends that entrust me with these special moments of their life <3