Stories Behind the Script: Danielle's Story

I love how much meaning a simple group of words can hold. I actually squealed with joy when I received a message from Danielle one Sunday afternoon.

first corinthians print 2

Danielle's best friend, Kim, got married last October and she wanted to celebrate Kim and Brandon's marriage by giving them a framed print of the 1st Corinthians scripture, which Kim's husband's sister had read during their ceremony. I mean...does it get any sweeter? I love the heart and thoughtfulness behind this gift!

first corinthians calligraphy gift 1

Danielle was even sweet enough to send me a final picture of the framed version! I just love how it turned out!

first corinthians print

Stories Behind the Script: Rachel's Story

Rachel and I met while she was a student at the University at Virginia. At the time, I was supervising a project she was responsible for, but I never in a million years thought that we would both end up pursuing our creative passions. Rachel, for those of you that don't know, is an absolutely amazing photographer in Pittsburgh, PA and is the creative and talent behind Rachel Rossetti Photography. Below is just a small sampling of Rachel's incredible talent.

Rachel and I had stayed in touch over the years, but we truly reconnected when I started my calligraphy business. Rachel was looking for some personalized note cards to use as thank you notes for clients. She's half the reason I offer personalized embossed stationery in my shop. Through that process, I got to create these beauties for Rachel.

Custom embossed stationery I hand lettered for Rachel.

Custom embossed stationery I hand lettered for Rachel.

But the best part of this whole process, has been watching Rachel come into her own as a photographer. She captures feelings and moments and wraps them up into these beautiful memories for her clients to cherish for years to come. Her big heart pours into each of her photos and you can tell that she genuinely cares for each of her couples. I'm so excited to continue cheering her on in this journey and to call her a friend.