My Story Behind the Script: Why I Fell In Love with Calligraphy

My husband and I got married almost a year and a half ago. It truly was SO magical to be surrounded by so many of our favorite loved ones. One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is that it never feels like there is enough time to love on your guests and make them feel valued and appreciated for traveling from near and far to celebrate that day with you. It is the people that make that moment in your life so special.

bridal party


In planning our wedding something that was super important leading up to the day of was the details. Not because I wanted some fairy tale wedding, but because by focusing on the details and infusing our personalities into the ceremony and the reception, we could make our guests feel special. And what better way to add personalization than through calligraphy?

place setting - octopus - gift tags

Think about it. When you get your mail every day, it's one boring bill or spam mail after another. All with your name (probably spelled incorrectly if you're like me) typed out in some generic, stale font. But you know that feeling when you see a handwritten address on an envelope? That is the very same feeling having calligraphy at your wedding can create for your guests. From when the Save the Date envelopes arrive to seeing place cards with their names lovingly written out, this extra gesture can make such a difference.

table  numbers calligraphy
wreath calligraphy - all you need is love - handlettering

Now don't get me wrong, this doesn't replace spending time with your guests at your wedding,  but  the larger your wedding gets, the harder that can be. By adding special touches throughout the evening, your guests can still feel valued, included and loved on. And for some, that place card or envelope will become a special keepsake that will remind them of the beautiful vows you made to each other that day. Calligraphy is just one little aspect of making your guests feel like a special part of your wedding day, but one that my heart has truly grown to love.

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Stories Behind the Script: Shelley's Story

I recently had the pleasure of lettering my first set of vows, and oh, what a joy it was! Personalized vows are a window into a couple's soul. It was such a honor to work with Shelley to translate those sweet words into something tangible for her and her husband for years to come.

gold calligraphy wedding vows
personalized calligraphy vows

Shelley was so sweet to work with and I wish her and her husband a lifetime of laughter and love!