Stories Behind the Script: Scott & Jennifer's Story

Jenny and I met in college during a chemistry class. She was actually my TA and we bonded over (wait for it…) subscribing to Cosmopolitan. Oh what a special time to be alive :)

And what started as a very special love of getting happy mail, turned into a friendship that has now spanned over a decade.

Since those college days, we’ve both gone on to get graduate degrees, stood by each other on our wedding days, and welcome some kiddos into the mix!

I was beyond thrilled when her husband, Scott, reached out about lettering their vows for them.

wedding calligraphy vows

Jenny and Scott met through a mutual friend while Jenny was at medical school and despite having very little free time, Jenny and Scott would frequently make the 1 hour plus trek back and forth between Richmond and Charlottesville to hang out. It was one of those things where when you saw them together, you just knew this was headed for a forever kind of love.

And sure enough years later they’re married with two kids! Jenny has finally finished her training as a maternal fetal medicine doctor and Scott is pursuing a career in commercial real estate.

And selfishly, I still have them within a day’s drive (which is obviously the thing that’s most important right?)

So so grateful to have friends that entrust me with these special moments of their life <3

Stories Behind the Script: Will's Story

Vows are powerful aren't there? They're a promise and a commitment spoken out loud to a person in front of your closest friends and family. And whether or not you choose to write your own, those words hold so much power because they mark the why behind a lifetime adventure.

So what comes after the vows? Do you revisit them regularly? Check in with one another? How do you hold onto your marriage why?

Will and Lizzie met in the Fall of 2012. Lizzie remembers the first time they shook hands. Will, not so much... ;)

It was a moment a few days later when they got lost in conversation on a camp paddle boat that Will remembers vividly and one that still sticks with him.

In October of 2014, he asked Lizzie to marry him and less than a year later they officially became the Moyers.

Most couples might have stopped at the vows, but Will and Lizzie took it one step further - they created a marriage manifesto. A document that would remind them daily of their commitment to marriage, family and community.

Shortly after getting married, Lizzie introduced Will to Brené Brown's book Daring Greatly.

On a side note: If you haven't heard of Brené you should TOTALLY go check out her work. It's amazing.

This book and their relationship and commitment to Jesus set the stage for the manifesto, a three page document that they work shopped together to became a mission statement for their marriage.

Bren é  Brown's book  Daring Greatly  and their relationship and commitment to Jesus set the stage for the manifesto, a three page document that they work shopped together to became a mission statement for their marriage.

Brené Brown's book Daring Greatly and their relationship and commitment to Jesus set the stage for the manifesto, a three page document that they work shopped together to became a mission statement for their marriage.

For their two year anniversary, Will surprised Lizzie with a written copy of the manifesto. It now hangs in their home as a reminder of the commitment to the three most important things in their life.

Stories Behind the Script: Nora's Story

A little while back I had the honor of lettering Nora and AJ's vows for their first wedding anniversary! Such a big milestone in a marriage :)

And of course behind every marriage, there's a sweet love story that just needs to be shared. I asked Nora a few questions and her words were to good not to share exactly as she wrote them!

How did the two of you meet?
We met on OKCupid!  I was on and off of the site and online dating in general for a couple of years--really just enjoying being single and dating, but also on the look out for something special.  AJ was a self-described serial first-dater...casting a wide net for a few years and always looking for what or who was next--until me!  We had an instant connection on our first date, and the rest was history!

What's your favorite memory from your wedding day?
My favorite memory from our wedding day is a tough question!  We had a perfect day filled with joy and laughter.  I'll tell you two small bits.  Neither of us felt particularly nervous, I don't think, but AJ had trouble sleeping the night before thinking about details he didn't want to go wrong.  The pictures showing his face leading up to our first look show some real emotion--anticipation, a little anxiety, and definitely some fatigue.  But the moment I put my hand on his shoulder, his face changed completely--into a warm and honest look of relief.  A second great memory is actually from when we were reciting our vows!  We were trying hard to take some wise advice we had been given to really listen to and think and subscribe to the words we were saying and not to just repeat mindlessly.  But because we were trying to be so in the moment, we had a really hard time repeating what was said. We each had to ask for a repetition or peak over at our officiant's notes a couple of times!  It made for a lot of sincere laughter and really a sweet moment :)

What inspired you to select the vows you did?
Neither of us is religious so we didn't want to use fully traditional vows or a religious officiant.  In Colorado, where we live and got married, it's legal to self-solemnize your own marriage license--to just sign as the two parties that you're married and that's that.  We chose that route and to have a good friend officiate or emcee a ceremony for us without getting internet-ordained.  She had never done it before, so we really wound up crafting our own ceremony based on a lot of Google and Pinterest searches ;).  We wanted to find our own vows that spoke to us in a serious way and had some semblance of a traditional ceremony ("for richer or poorer..." etc).  We wound up scouring the internet for non-religious vows and secular wedding ceremonies and picked and chose different pieces from different posts that sounded right to us.  We're really happy with what we wound up with!

Congrats on being married for a year!! What advice would you give to new couples embarking on the adventure that is marriage?
We are each other's best friends, hands down.  We say "I love you" several times a day and kiss and hug when we say goodbye in the morning and when we greet each other after work.  We remind each other often that we're on the same team and that we're in it together.  It's going pretty well so far, and we're excited for our future!

wedding vows calligraphy - nora and aj - sunflowers

Thank you, Nora for sharing your story with me and for letting me be a small part of this special moment in your marriage!

Stories Behind the Script: Shelley's Story

I recently had the pleasure of lettering my first set of vows, and oh, what a joy it was! Personalized vows are a window into a couple's soul. It was such a honor to work with Shelley to translate those sweet words into something tangible for her and her husband for years to come.

gold calligraphy wedding vows
personalized calligraphy vows

Shelley was so sweet to work with and I wish her and her husband a lifetime of laughter and love!