Wedding Envelope Calligraphy FAQ

What is included in envelope calligraphy pricing?

Envelope calligraphy is priced per envelope and includes the guest names and two address lines. Additional lines may increase the price per envelope. When you reach out to discuss your envelopes, I will give you a customized quote so you budget accordingly. Note: Envelope calligraphy does not include the cost of the envelopes but if you need help ordering envelopes, I’m happy to assist with that!

What colors can I choose from for my envelope calligraphy?

I always keep black and gold ink on hand, but I’m happy to work with you to customize the color of your ink to better match your stationery! The only additional cost to do this would be the cost of the ink.

What calligraphy styles do you offer?

One of my favorite parts of limiting the number of couples I take on for weddings is that I can truly take the time to customize my lettering layout and style to best match your invitation suite. So if you want something a bit more modern and playful, we can go a little bigger. If you want something more classic, we can keep things simple. If you want to add a little boldness we can throw in some letter capitalization. That being said, all of these “styles” are plays on my basic lettering style which you can see featured in my portfolio and in the images on the weddings page. If these images are not speaking to you then I may not be the calligrapher for you and know that that’s totally ok too! :)

Envelope calligraphy is so expensive. How can I afford to have it on my envelopes?

A lot of the couples that I work with prioritize the personal appeal of envelope calligraphy over a custom invitation suite. By ordering an envelope suite from places liked Minted, Vistaprint, Zola, etc. you can actually save a lot of money there and use that money towards your envelope calligraphy instead, which can make the invitation suite feel custom even when it’s not!

In what format do I need to provide my addresses to you?

The most important piece for me to be able to start lettering your envelopes is having your addresses ready to go exactly as you want them to appear on the envelopes! Since excel spreadsheets tend to be the most popular method for people to collect addresses, here’s a basic downloadable template you can use. If you already have your addresses in a spreadsheet, feel free to send that to me and I can let you know if there are any tweaks or questions I might have!

What does your envelope calligraphy process look like?

Step 1: General Information
You reach out to me with general information about your wedding including number of envelopes you’ll need, timeline, what style or image of mine caught your eye, and your vision for your envelopes. We chat colors, style, and I finalize a custom quote for you.

Step 2: Securing Your Spot & Envelope Mock Ups
Hooray! You're ready to move forward with securing your spot for envelope calligraphy. This is when your 25% non-refundable deposit is due to hold your spot. After that I’ll collect your addresses and envelopes from you and send you a mock up of your envelopes to make sure we have the style just right!

Step 3: Final Payment
Once I finish lettering your envelopes your final payment will be due prior to your envelopes being mailed or delivered.

Step 4: Hello Envelopes!
This isn’t really a step but an exciting moment where you get to see your envelopes for the first time (although I have been known to send sneak peaks) and send them off as happy mail to your guests! :)

How far in advance do I need to contact you to have you letter my envelopes?

Sooner is always better :) I do limit the number of wedding orders I take on as I work full time in addition to doing calligraphy. That being said, I can generally turn a 100 envelope order around in 2-3 weeks. If you find yourself in a crunch I will do my best to help you out so please just reach out and we can chat :)

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