Congratulations! You’re getting married!

This wedding planning process is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of details to juggle and as someone who’s been there, I know it can easily take up space like a full time job. Especially when you want to get those details just right for your people!

So here’s the thing.

I know you’re here because you know that a hand lettered place card or envelope can make your friends and family feel special. I know you know that small details can make a big difference.

And, I bet if you had all the time in the world, you could probably create all these wonderful details yourself!

But in this season that can be quite overwhelming, time, friend, is your most valuable asset. So let me help you. Let me help you turn that favorite quote into a card table display and future keepsake. Let me help you letter those envelopes so that your friends and family are filled with joy as they discover your beautiful invites amongst a sea of bills.

You will never look back on this season and wish that you had spent more time planning or doing.

You will wish you had enjoyed it. You will wish you had spent more time with your soon to be forever life partner in crime. You will wish you had spent more time being engaged with your loved ones and with life.

And when that big day arrives, you will not want to be worrying about the details. Instead, you can be confident that those details will be extra that touch of magic in an already amazing day surrounded by your favorite loved ones. Enjoy it. It truly is a surreal experience.

So do me a favor. Give yourself a break. Holler my way and let’s chat about how we can add that special touch you’re looking for. Together, we can make sure these small details tell the story of who you all are as a couple, but not at the expense of forgetting that, the true joy, friend, lies in this journey.

And, great news!

If you’re looking for an extra someone to cheer you on along the way, you’ve absolutely come to the right place.

I can’t wait to chat more soon. Happy Planning, friend!


A Few Kind Words From Past Brides

As a professional in the wedding industry, I know many talented calligraphers. After meeting first with Michelle in an introductory lettering class, I just appreciated her genuine passion for her calligraphy and being able to bring a meaningful and personalized touch to her work for her clients. I'm thrilled my husband and I were able to commission her for all of our details for our wedding: from addressing envelopes and customized escort cards, to Mr. & Mrs. plaques and signature cocktail signs for our bar, Michelle brought all of our wedding day lettering dreams to life! She is so worth the investment, and I love being able to refer her to my clients.
- Sarah

Michelle made the calligraphy process stress free! From her positive attitude, to her clear excitement and passion for the wedding process, she was easy to get to know and to work with. She was extremely responsive, which was so relieving during a time where you feel like you need quick answers! She spotted mistakes I had made, reached out, and corrected them, which was so very helpful! Her work was extraordinary - we have had so many friends and family members remark on the beautiful lettering on their invitations. We would absolutely consider using her again for future lettering projects!
- Katie