Congratulations! You're getting married! This is such an exciting time in your life and I would love to help celebrate this journey with you. Calligraphy is one of the prettiest ways to personalize invitations or add a special touch to your reception. It truly has the ability to set the tone for your wedding (and it doesn’t have to be a formal one!). A hand lettered place card or envelope can make guests feel special. And when you see one of your wedding details that they’ve kept after all those years (and trust me some do), there’s a level of joy that swells in your heart that is a bit indescribable. There's probably a number of reasons why you've landed on this page and I'm truly so glad that you did! Take a look around and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you for considering me to be part of celebrating your love story and what will surely be an incredible day.


Photo by  Ashley Edmunds Photography  Invitation Suite by  Farmstead Designs  Calligraphy by Ma Belle Calligraphy

Photo by Ashley Edmunds Photography
Invitation Suite by Farmstead Designs
Calligraphy by Ma Belle Calligraphy

Envelope Calligraphy

Traditional Lettering with Ink & Nib - $3.25

Lettering with Ink, Gel, or Paint Pen - $2.50

Custom Return Address Stamps

  • Small (2.5” x 1.25”) - $45.50

  • Large (3” x 1.5”) - $49.50

  • Self-Inking (3” x 1.5”) - $59.50

Note: The wedding envelope calligraphy listed above is per envelope and is a baseline. The final price per envelope will ultimately depend on the style, color, and turnaround time that you’re seeking.

To learn more about wedding envelope calligraphy, check out the Wedding Envelope Calligraphy FAQ here.


Escort & Place Card Calligraphy

wedding escort cards

Calligraphy with Ink & Nib

  • Escort Cards (Names & Table Numbers) - $1.50

  • Place Cards (Names) - $1.50

Hand Lettering with Ink, Gel or Paint Pen

  • Escort Cards (Names & Table Numbers) - $1.00

  • Place Cards (Names) - $1.00

Note: The pricing listed above is for the calligraphy only and is per piece. Escort and place cards are not included in the above pricing. I'm happy to help you order these items for an additional cost.


Table Number Calligraphy

Photo by By the Robinsons

Photo by By the Robinsons

Lettering with Ink & Nib - $3.25 per table

Lettering with Ink, Gel, or Paint Pen - $2.00 per table

Other Decor

I'm happy to help customize your decor and hand letter specialty place cards, menus, invitations, bar signs, etc. Contact me for pricing on custom requests!



Turnaround on envelope addressing orders is one to two weeks plus shipping or drop off time. You’ll want to count this time back from when you want to stuff your envelopes, not when you want to send them out to guests :)

Orders on escort cards, place cards, and table numbers is one week plus shipping time.

Custom decor turn around time will vary.


Photo by  Soul Focus Media

All wedding envelope addressing orders require a 25% non-refundable deposit in order to hold your place. Final payment is due in full once the envelopes are complete and ready to ship. Envelopes will ship within 1-2 days upon receipt of final payment. Payment for other wedding calligraphy orders is due up front, unless those orders are being purchased in conjunction with wedding envelope calligraphy in which case, your order will be included in one invoice and payment policies for wedding envelope addressing orders will apply. Shipping, handling, and taxes are not included in the pricing information above. Prior to payment being due, I will send you an invoice with all costs associated with your order and outline next steps. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!